Dude Cervantes

Blind Owl founder and Rock & Roll nice guy, Dan Cervantes is best known for his work with seminal California psych bands like Howlin’ Rain and Mrs. Henry. A prolific guitarist, songwriter and producer, when Dan isn’t busy with one of his many projects, he performs under the moniker, Dude Cervantes. 

Dude Cervantes is an acoustic testament to folk-driven Rock & Roll. Combining the Americana roots of groups like The Band with the great American songbook, Tin Pan Alley, the 1960’s Folk scare, Dude rolls it all up with balladeers like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and Country Joe McDonald. It’s desert rat soul, hot and dusty San Diego folk and Chula Vista country. It’s croonin’ and swoonin’ and singin’ it like ya see it. It’s Dude Cervantes and he’s got that Otay Mesa kind of blues.

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