Noah C. Lekas

California has a way of plucking writers out of the Midwest and bleaching their roots with utopic sun. For poet, essayist and journalist Noah C Lekas, the coasts have done little to diminish his Wisconsin birth. With Thoreauvian romanticism and post-punk contrarianism, Lekas embodies a defiant working class pursuit of consciousness while grappling with an often overlooked and undervalued American experience.

His first book, Saturday Night Sage (March 2019) will be Blind Owl’s first literary release. A collection of narrative poetry and prose, Lekas chronicles his journey through the minimum wage working world and rock & roll counter-culture with a monastic focus on transcending the materialism of Western society. Having written and lived in a half-dozen states, from New York and California to Montana and Tennessee, Lekas’ work is every bit as restless as the rarely-traveled roads that cut through the wildest counties in this country.

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