Noah C. Lekas

Exploring mysticism and menial labor in contemporary America, Saturday Night Sage gives voice to an often overlooked and undervalued working-class experience. The book is the first literary release from Blind Owl and the first published collection by poet, essayist and journalist Noah C Lekas. As writer-in-residence at Blind Owl, Lekas has also written on the record sleeves of multiple albums from artists such as Creature and the Woods and Mrs. Henry.

Lekas writes from a uniquely diverse American perspective having lived in all four corners of the country. A “punk séance for the beat spirit,” Saturday Night Sage weaves the unwavering ethos of post-industrial Wisconsin with the poetic tradition of New York City and the eccentric Rock ‘n’ Roll soul of San Francisco.

Even before its official release, the collection inspired other artists to take Lekas’ words beyond the page in the form of audio recordings and visual art. San Francisco artist Alan Forbes -- best known for his work with The Black Crowes, Mars Volta and Patti Smith -- brought the title piece to life with original cover art. Saturday Night Sage is the first poetry collection to feature Forbes’ work. 

Six recordings were also created featuring Lekas voicing his poetry with accompaniment by members of Mrs. Henry and Taken By Canadians. Those recordings were then interpreted for a series of promotional short films by directors Scott Rosenbaum (Sidemen: The Long Road to Glory), Shelby Baldock (North Mississippi Allstars) Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy), Blake Cook (Visual Artist), and Elizabeth Lekas (Visual Artist). 

In a time when spirituality is often confrontational and nuance is trivialized, Saturday Night Sage fearlessly digs into American culture, defining the poetic voice of blue-collar mysticism.

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