San Diego’s Drug Hunt, formerly known as Bad Vibes returns with a brooding and boundaryless EP. The s/t EP is more than its parts. A true concept album for the post-millennial age, the band confronts ritualized power structures in an increasingly desensitized society with Post-Punk defiance, psychedelic perceptiveness, and the driving ambition of early British hard rock.

Four songs, The Tower, The Well, The Blood and The Altar create a new kind of hardened psychedelia, one that is adulterated with orphaned idealism and musical hallucinations. The ambitious EP moves through four cardinal directions, The Tower explores the Political and Social. The Well unwraps the Existentialist Mortal Coil. The Blood examines creation and divine intervention and finally The Altar is a ceremonies exploration of prayer and ritual. These four modes carry with them their own aesthetic and sonic language, creating a William Blake infused inferno at the precipice of transformation.

Produced by Drug Hunt and Blind Owl regulars, Daniel Cervantes (Howlin' Rain/ Mrs. Henry) and engineer Jordan Andreen (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Earthless, Sacri Monti) Drug Hunt ensures that perceptive disobedience is alive and well and loud as hell. From the opening lines of The Tower, “Women and children hands over their eyes, they couldn’t bare to witness their fathers disguise”. The band is artfully critical of historical and contemporary atrocities, “It’s a song about looking away rather than acting, it’s about being safe in a tower and watching the world burn below” Rory Morison reflects on the lyrics. The band also takes aim at the glorified love movement of the 1960’s, “I hear the voices of a thousand marching down the street, they waved their flag, drugged their minds, waiting to believe.”  

With their new s/t EP, the band poignantly impales modern culture with vintage fuzz. A searingly defiant, wide-eyed group, as ready for a street fight as they are to discuss the metaphysics of reality. If Drug Hunt is certain about one thing, it’s that we’re all going to need more than flower power to survive 2019.


“The Tower"

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Drug Hunt declares war on political hierarchy and modern conformity with "The Tower". The single from their S/T EP introduces a brooding and borderless sound entirely their own. The four track S/T is more than the sum of its parts.
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