About Blind Owl 

Rock & roll will never die. More than a culture, it is a perspective. More than an ism, it is an ethos. Rock & Roll isn’t hyphenated and it has no sub-genre. It transcends streaming technology and two-inch tape. From your eyes and your ears to your heart and your soul. From the Technicolor explosion of the 1950’s to the digital proliferation of the two-thousand-teens, for every generation the sound evolves but the spirit endures.

Founded in 2012 by Dan Cervantes, Blind Owl is a community driven record label dedicated to amplifying the art of Rock & Roll in California. With a torrent of vinyl releases and live events, Blind Owl is quickly redefining the experience of Rock & Roll in this era. The label’s analog heavy catalog is indicative of Blind Owl’s core belief that the art of Rock & Roll - whether in song, on canvas, or written line -  is capturing the spontaneous passion of eloquent rebellion.  

The sound and aesthetic of Southern California is always changing and today is no different. At the center of this decade’s evolution is Blind Owl, a free forming community of artists, carrying the counter-cultural torch for another generation.